PRESS RELEASE: My Safety Buddy at Allianz Healthnet Seminar

PRESS RELEASE: My Safety Buddy at Allianz Healthnet Seminar

A crowd of health professionals and management from across the country gathered for the Allianz Healthnet Seminar at Eureka Tower in Melbourne’s CBD. The crowd size has grown from the year prior and the room was filled with representatives from metropolitan and regional health services.

The event featured four key note speakers. They included Dan Derry (Allianz), Brianna Cattanach (Gallagher), Travis Holland (My Safety Buddy) and Chelsea Pottenger (Gidget Foundation).

During the opening speech, Dan Derry touched on a number of statistics gathered by Allianz in their annual reports. Most importantly was the increase in average workers compensation claims for:
– mental health now costing companies approximately $39,000
– occupational violence now at $129,000.

Travis Holland then took the stage to cover the growing issues health care professionals face in the field. This included the need for improved lone worker safety solutions.

Brianna Cattanach discussed combating the impacts of occupational violence and aggression along with the mental health for workers and how employers can look after them with a variety of methods.

In the closing speech, Chelsea Pottenger covered neuroscience, theta brainwaves and demonstrated multiple ways and techniques to recharge (mentally and physically) each and every day.

The event was sponsored by Allianz and they’re looking to branch out into more sectors over the next 12 months.


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Travis Holland

Travis Holland
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