Easy 5 Second Check In & Check Out

My Safety Buddy will generate check ins during the day for users to confirm they are OK throughout the day.  With a focus on efficiency, each check in only takes 5 seconds to complete.

The emergency contacts for that user will be notified immediately if they miss a check in.

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Welfare Checks

Welfare checks allow you to set regular check-ins throughout your day.  If you miss a check in My Safety Buddy is looking out for you and will automatically send an alert.

Shake for Duress Alarm!

Activate by simply shaking the phone.  Optional setting for automatic recording of audio and video that is sent to your Emergency Contacts. To avoid false alarms you can adjust the activation shake sensitivity and you have an opportunity to cancel the alarm.

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Incapacitated Person (Man Down) Alarm

Automatic detection of lack of movement.  If My Safety Buddy does not detect any movement during a customisable period* (default 10 minutes) or MSB detects a fall then My Safety Buddy will ask if you are OK.  If you don't respond within a further 5 minutes*, My Safety Buddy will send an alert to your Emergency Contacts. *Timings are customisable by the user.

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Many More Features

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Pricing & Support:

SMS, Network Members, training and more.

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