PRESS RELEASE: 'Keeping Lone Workers Safe' - International Mental Health Conference

PRESS RELEASE: “Keeping Lone Workers Safe” – International Mental Health Conference

300+ mental health professionals from around Australia came together for the International Mental Health Conference. I had the honour of discussing how technology can keep your lone workers and staff who work in isolation safe.

Safely controlling risk for staff who work alone is becoming an increasing concern.  The inconsistent use of ad hoc manual systems is unlikely to meet applicable industry standards or related WHS / OHS obligations. As a result organisations, management and staff are unnecessarily exposed to avoidable risk and harm.

Similarly, organisations who are not doing what is deemed ‘reasonably practicable’ to manage the foreseeable risk of harm to their lone and isolated workers will be found to have failed in their legislated duty of care. And this obligation extends to the managers responsible for key decisions.

The three key areas of discussion in my presentation were:

  • Challenges affecting the personal safety of staff who work alone or in isolation.
  • Benefits that best-in-class innovative technology can deliver for lone worker safety.
  • Solutions to potential roadblocks when implementing technology based solutions for your workforce.


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PRESS RELEASE: 'Keeping Lone Workers Safe' - International Mental Health Conference - Travis Holland

Travis Holland
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