My Safety Buddy Features

  • 5 sec check in check out

    5 Second Check In Check Out

    Set up your appointments in My Safety Buddy.  Check in at the start and finish of appointments with the additional option to check in during an appointment.  You will be prompted to check in by an on screen message.  If you do not check in or check out your emergency contacts will be alerted.

    Eg. A Real Estate Agent adds an appointment into My Safety Buddy.  At the start and end of the appointment she is prompted to use the 5 second check in to let her emergency contacts know she is safe

  • Emergency Contacts

    Welfare Checks

    Welfare Checks are check ins that are generated automatically by My Safety Buddy at routine intervals* as set by the user such as every hour, every 2 hours etc.

    *Timings are customisable by the user.

    Eg. A utilities worker is injured working at height and is no longer able to operate their smartphone.  Fortunately he had Welfare Checks set for every hour and when he doesn’t check in due to his injuries My Safety Buddy will automatically alert his emergency contact.

  • Emergency Contacts

    Duress (Panic) Alarm

    Simply shake your phone to activate the Duress Alarm.  You can choose whether audio and video will be recorded and sent to your Emergency Contact(s).

    To avoid false alarms you can adjust the activation shake sensitivity.  You also have a brief opportunity to cancel the alarm prior to your Emergency Contact(s) being notified.

    Eg. A community support officer is in the home of a client when a family member becomes aggressive.  He simply shakes his phone to activate the Duress Alarm in order to alert his emergency contacts immediately.

  • Incapacitated Person (Man Down) Alarm

    If My Safety Buddy does not detect any movement from your smartphone for a certain period of time*, eg. 10 minutes, it will prompt you to check in.  Your Emergency Contact(s) will be notified if My Safety Buddy does not get a response within a further 5 minutes*.

    *Timings are customisable by the user.

    Eg. While using strong chemicals a lone worker is over powered by the fumes and collapses.  My Safety Buddy detects a period of no movement and prompts the worker to check in.  The worker fails to check in so My Safety Buddy alerts her Emergency Contact(s).

  • Emergency Contacts

    Emergency Contacts

    You may add as many people as you like to be your Emergency Contact(s) who will be contacted in the event of an emergency.

    Eg. Add people from your organisation such as Mary, your team leader, and John, your area manager, to be your Emergency Contact(s).

  • Emergency Contacts

    Watch Me

    Use the Watch Me feature whenever you are feeling unsafe

    Eg. You setup a Watch Me as it is now dark and you have a long walk ahead of you to return to your car.  My Safety Buddy will notify your Emergency Contact(s) so they are aware you are in a higher risk situation.  My Safety Buddy will alert your Emergency Contact(s) if you do not confirm you are OK at the end of the Watch Me.

  • Emergency Contacts

    GPS Location

    You have the option of including your location when a message is sent to your Emergency Contact(s).

    Eg. You are walking to your car following your appointment when a bandit approaches.  So you activate your Duress Alarm.  As you have Location Updates turned on the message sent to your Emergency Contact(s) will include your location.

  • Real time video and/or Audio

    Video and/or Audio recording will activate in an emergency to ensure your Emergency Contact(s) has access to as much information as possible to assist you.

    Eg. It can be used to verify the alarm is not a false alarm, to assess the severity of the situation, and provide evidence for subsequent investigations or legal proceedings.

  • Emergency Contacts

    Customisable Settings

    My Safety Buddy’s settings are fully customisable due to the hugely varying nature of lone and isolated work and the needs of your organisation.

    Eg. Emergency alarms can be enabled or disabled, prompt times can be adjusted, and GPS Location Updates can be turned on or off.

  • web-portal

    Web Portal

    The Web Portal gives you the tools to support the users in your My Safety Buddy Network.

    Quickly manage any incidents using the user friendly Dashboard.

    The easy-to-use Web Portal allows you to manage the safety of all the users in your My Safety Buddy Network.  You can update their profiles, and check where they are up to in their schedule and their location.

  • Group SMS

    Easily send SMS messages to one, some, or all the users in your My Safety Buddy Network.

    Eg. You send out an SMS to all your staff warning them of road closures near the office due to an overturned truck.

  • Your Network Groups

    Organisations with multiple teams of lone workers or a number of different work locations can divide their My Safety Buddy users into smaller groups for ease of management.

    E.g. A community care organisation creates a different Network Group for each of its four offices.  All four groups are managed through the web portal.  You can choose to display Network Members from any or all of the groups when using the Web Portal.

  • Location Update

    Location Updates (Optional)

    Users can set whether My Safety Buddy will send GPS Location Updates throughout the day, only when an Emergency Alarm is triggered, or not at all.

    Eg. You choose to have GPS Location Updates turned on for all your staff.  When you log in to the Web Portal you can see the most recent locations for all your staff throughout the day.

    However Josie, who is concerned about her privacy, chooses to set My Safety Buddy to only send a GPS Location Update if she activates an Emergency Alarm.

  • Emergency Message

    Emergency Message

    Set up your Emergency Contact(s) so that in the event of an emergency situation they will receive messages via both SMS and email that you require emergency assistance.

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